Setup an online casino How to open your own online casino, from software to payment methods and licences, everything you need to know.

Setup an online casino

Online casinos are an extremely profitable business, as gambling in general is, and the industry itself is in a lucrative transition state where new and upcoming operators have the best chance to make the most out of changing laws and regulations.

This is not to say that setting up an online casino will be easy, immediately profitable, cheap, or without difficulties. There are a lot of things to consider and setup an online casino field requires loads of expertise, especially if you want to run a successful casino. The possibilities however seem almost endless at the moment, and if done the right way the profits will certainly soar sky high.

There are lots of things to consider when starting the process. First you need to decide the jurisdiction, which ranges from offshore locations like Curacao, Philippines or Kahnahake, to traditional gambling heavy countries like UK or newer license providers like Malta and Gibraltar.

All of these have their good and bad sides, and they might be up for a change in the future anyways. Of course all of this also requires knowledge of laws and operations, including marketing and technology. Then again, you can simply opt for a turnkey setup an online casino, where most of these issues are solved by a third party that offers consulting services, or perhaps go for a white label solution where all you need to worry about is the brand image; though again, these all come in different packages where you have slots canada no deposit bonus online or less control over your company.

What you require most of all is knowledge and understanding of how the current online casino market and economy works, and of course simply hard work.

Luckily there are plenty of possibilities for this, and the most celebrated and successful casinos are those that have chosen to take risks by giving the players a whole new experience.

In a sense what you will do is gamble on a far larger scale as you can never be quite sure what the players will like. Upfront the biggest cost will come from licenses and infrastructure, and a capital of several hundred thousand is required by most jurisdictions for even starting operations. Try to please everyone and you end up pleasing no one.

Localisation, or localization depending on your market, generally means adapting your product to different areas. When it comes to online marketing and casinos however localisation means building a service for specific market with the rules and wants of that market. This further extends to the kind of gambling services you offer, for example betting for UK customer or slots for Nordic countries, and it is not something that you setup an online casino only ignore at your own peril.

For the purpose of this article however we will stick to online casinos and not delve into other products, though the general trend is currently for gambling operators to offer a full range solution for all of these. This means that you either require knowledge of the market or need to do the proper research: What kind of games do customers from each country play? How can you market and advertise in these countries?

What are the niches you can invest in and expect a return from? What is already offered for players and how can it be improved? Localisation in other words is a lot more than just translating your website to multiple languages. Knowing and understanding the market is essential for running a successful online casino and this means both understanding the player base and the competition.

Online casino software providers india the moment most big operators are running several casinos sites instead of offering all their services to all players via a single site. This is setup an online casino important if you decide to go with the route of turnkey and white label solutions: Most casinos use the vast majority of their budget to market their services.

Mostly this means internet based marketing, click the current laws and legal requirements often forbid direct marketing, and in some cases there are national monopolies that forbid any marketing at all.

Luckily those are in the minority, and their laws are bound to change in the future and most importantly they cannot force their laws on companies that operate from countries where gambling is a legal business. The marketing world is of course completely different for the big players and the small and new start-ups, with the former being able to pour in millions setup an online casino millions on different campaigns.

There are two primary keys to success: That is you need to get your name out there, and you need to get it there in such ways that the customers will remember your casino. Again knowledge comes into play; there is no point marketing fast withdrawals if they are actually slow, nor saying you have the best games if everyone else has the same games.

Again you need to find your niche and build and market it in setup an online casino way no one else does, or simply be better in it than anyone else.

For new casinos this is extremely important, and something that requires a lot of thought to come up with a sound strategy. Know setup an online casino audience, know yourself and know your product. Popular methods are direct ads, keyword based brand names, brand names that are memorable and easy to recognize, sponsoring anything and everything that might produce results, email lists, good and proper search engine optimization, and of course affiliate marketing.

Affiliates are perhaps the most important of setup an online casino as they tend to handle much of Google traffic when it comes to anything casino related. For your setup an online casino the importance lies in finding the methods that produce the best results. This requires both time and investments, though as a startup the third choice is to be creative and find the methods that give the best bang for buck.

Something as simple as dishing out free spins on the days people get their paycheck is a surprisingly effective and cheap method setup an online casino getting some deposits in.

This figure sound high, but on the other hand without it the customers are going to head somewhere else and you will surely end up empty handed. Strangely enough most players are completely oblivious even to the existence of affiliates, which makes it ever more important to make sure you both deal honestly with affiliates and only deal with honest affiliates.

Likewise, if you end up screwing the affiliates it will soon backfire and you will see a significant drop in both revenue and new customers. So what is it that affiliates do? Quite simply they attract customers. In most cases this is done via websites that specialize in gambling and online casinos and keyword optimization through Google. Googling anything casino related, from possible bonuses to slot reviews and strategy articles, will return a website that is targeting people who google such things.

Even brand names tend to setup an online casino a third party website rather than the online casino as a setup an online casino. This means that you need to appreciate and deal with your affiliates in an honest manner, and most of all you need to pick them carefully to make sure you get most out of your investment. The most important things in your site are the games, without them there is nothing to play and no money to be made.

Secondly there is the software behind everything that runs the website, the casino and everything from player accounts to money transfers. All of these need to run in a perfect form and setup an online casino, and match the customer expectations. There is nothing more frustrating than building a setup an online casino, a marketing strategy, a network of affiliates and choosing the right games to entice the maximum amount of players only to see them leave your website because it takes too long to load.

Keep it simple and fast and most importantly make it function through different platforms. One often overlooked aspect of online casinos are setup an online casino back end systems. Whilst a startup might do well with a system where all payments are checked and approved by payments personnel, or documents that are thoroughly checked by security staff these quickly come bottlenecks when the amount of customers skyrockets.

Make sure to choose and pay for a system that scales properly, and leaves your staff with time to concentrate on something else than manually handling setup an online casino Antwort top 10 casino games online mit. Strictly speaking the games you choose depends on the solution you choose for your online casino; going the white label or turnkey way might limit your choice, whereas offering games from multiple producers might require a more expensive and complicated setup for the online casino itself.

That is setup an online casino say, offering Wagerworks, Net Entertainment, Every Matrix, Soft Swiss, setup an online casino IGT games or a mix of any other producer all on the same casino site will require a lot of coding and testing to make sure everything functions correctly.

Especially so when you throw in mobile devices. On the other hand offering games casino online slot free games just one provider limits your choice of games, which in turn limits the amount of players. Again, research and know your audience and you know what to offer. Mobile gaming has surpassed desktop gaming in the recent setup an online casino, perhaps because it is just simpler and possible to use from anywhere.

Of course this also depends on your target audience as older generations tend to use desktops whereas younger generations will use their smartphones for everything. In any case it is impossible to build a successful casino brand these days without incorporating mobile devices into the mix.

Do keep this in mind if you choose to go with white label solutions, as there are still some software producers that have not taken full advantage of smartphones and tablets; and some whose most popular games are only available for one click at this page the two systems.

First of all, though mobile devices are quite powerful these days they still lose out to desktop devices in processing power and screen size. This means that setup an online casino your website might work perfectly well with minimal load times on a normal PC with an internet connection it might not do so well in a smartphone with 3G or 4G connection. Testing and proofing your systems to this end is quite important.

Planning in advance is important here as the setup an online casino platforms function differently and anything new or any changes made need to be done on two different platforms. It is not online slots coctail a matter of adding new games but also making sure the functionality remains setup an online casino on both. When designing mobile functionality you can go two ways: As an interesting tidbit quite a few brick and mortar casinos have gone the way of giving visitors the ability to play games in through their mobile devices from anywhere in the premises.

Customers will contact your casino for three primary reasons: Excellent customer service is essential for the success of your casinos, and the pitfall that sees most casinos lose customers. Roulette wheel spinner online is especially true when online casino companies transition from the start-up phase into bigger companies. Most often this means that the staff that has been there since the beginning moves into other roles and new staff are hired into a secondary role, with customer service losing much of the experience and interest it requires to function perfectly.

And once customer service starts to degrade it setup an online casino very difficult to bring back to the level of excellence required, and it will setup an online casino always lead to a significant reduction in brand value and eventually customers.

When answering customer queries speed is always of essence, as is ease of contact. The primary methods of contact are live chat, telephone and emails. With the first two you should seek out to answer in seconds, whereas emails in general should be answered in hours. Some companies offer fax and snail mails as further options but these are generally speaking quite useless when it comes to an online business, though they are useful in certain situations where for example verification documents cannot be delivered any other way.

Though most customers appreciate being able to contact the services in their own language English is enough to cover most European markets. Of course if your niche is setup an online casino specific markets it is quite useful to offer customer service in those specific languages you are seeking to entertain. For a startup there are no significant costs, depending on the structure you decide to go with, as most of the time the staff can function as part time customer service when so required.

As such customer service is not generally an issue for startups, but for companies that wish to take the next step in their quest to conquer the casino markets. This again requires the proper planning and set up from the get go. Quick and clear answers with fast resolutions are necessary for any kind of real success.

Companies that ignore customer service do so at their own peril. VIP customers are a chapter on their own right, and again something that needs to be set up early. This further extends to all kinds of banking issues.

When starting an online casino you can build everything from scratch, incorporate third party solutions, or opt for turnkey and white label solutions. Turnkey solutions are generally offered by specialized companies that help with legal issues as much as the whole design process. This is not a partnership as such, but rather a system where setup an online casino third party helps you get the casino off the ground for a fee.

This is not to be confused with white label solution where some or almost all of setup an online casino functionality is provided by setup an online casino software publisher.

There are several white label solutions offered by the bigger software providers like EveryMatrix, and these comes with pros and cons that are good to know. This of course always depends on what you end up choosing with choices ranging from a simple framework system to a situation where setup an online casino are only responsible for controlling your brand and image.

Setup an online casino

With the world of online gambling generating billions of dollars every year, there are some obvious attractions to starting your own online casino.

The overall size of setup an online casino market is also a factor. Capturing even a small percentage of the profit from that very large pie could be a very nice thing indeed. For the vast majority of us, owning an actual casino is very much out of reach, but an online one? Not nearly as much. The vast majority of online casinos are powered by a small group of specialist software providers. The software solution you go for will run your setup an online casino casino and determine which games are available, the type of customer support structure that will be in place, and to a certain extent what the overall look and feel of your casino will be like.

The number of providers in this space is relatively small and we recommend staying with one of the larger providers. Microgaming has constantly adapted over the years to stay ahead of the competition, with a constant goal of offering customers the best possible online gaming experience. Microgaming provide the setup an online casino standards of security and transparency so users can online slots machine games assured the tables are setup an online casino rigged against them.

Founded inthe company has continuously focused on state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best gaming experience for all. Playtech offers single accounts that are guaranteed to work across all options seamlessly and also enjoy an excellent reputation for security. This company offers something for everyone, with options available for everything from poker games and sports betting software to free mobile software. RTG has earned a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness over the years, along with providing consistently innovative and entertaining gaming solutions.

There are two types of contracts available that you should know about. The first one is direct and complete purchase of the software. Some smaller providers will, setup an online casino, sell you the entire software package which leaves setup an online casino free to run it yourself, with no additional fees, and keep all the profits.

There are a few downsides here to bear in mind. The second method — and the please click for source used by all the major companies — is a monthly licensing fee for the software, plus a percentage of the profits you make on top. Given the costs, choosing which provider to go with is obviously a decision you do not make overnight, and there are several key considerations to work through.

The next decision you face concerns payment infrastructure. PayPal is probably the most widely known and accepted e-wallet provider but firms such as Neteller and Skrill are becoming increasingly popular. The traditional option of wire transfer is also still very much available.

Having as many payment options available setup an online casino possible on your casino site is obviously the best option to attract customers. Be aware that there will be fees associated with all of these payments. In terms of merchant services, credit and debit cards attract high fees click to see more are setup an online casino, and offer security for both casino and customer.

Neteller and Skrill offer a similar service to PayPal and have become a preferred payment solution for many customers. Not having these options on offer can actually harm your overall credibility. The final option to consider for payments are prepaid cards.

This is a relatively new class of payment options where companies such as PaySafe are leading the way and making increasing inroads into the market.

For legal reasons, your casino needs to be licensed. There are two main types of online casino jurisdiction for you to setup an online casino from: Setup an online casino a budding online casino operator, your first licensing decision is to decide which jurisdiction you wish 777 casino operate under. For instance, some jurisdictions will expressly forbid allowing residents of the United States to gamble at casinos under their regulations, whilst others do setup an online casino offer any restrictions at setup an online casino. Tax is another aspect to consider, some offer tax free status to the offshore entity that runs the casino, where others do not.

The cost of the license and amount of bureaucracy involved can also vary widely between countries. The final point to bear in mind and one that many prospective owners foolishly ignore is perception — what does the location say about your casino?

Casinos based in Gibraltar or the Isle of Man, for example, carry an association of reliability and security due to the tight controls over operational and fiscal activities that are in place there. Also bear in mind that the licensing process itself can take a considerable amount of time, setup an online casino from two months to a year depending on your choice of location.

In Malta, for instance, it usually takes six months for an application to be finalised and a license issued. The costs of licensing begin at the application stage where the majority of options come with a large advisory and legal bill attached. The amounts here can vary and will depend on your history and the complexity of your casino operation.

Options available here vary considerably. Some territories require at least one resident of the country to hold a position amongst the management, others require a set number of employees, and others still have no restrictions at all. The key here is to make sure you fully understand, and comply, with all the requirements, as not doing so will see your license disappear and potentially leave you with nothing.

With the marketplace becoming ever more crowded, marketing is assuming setup an online casino increasingly important role in terms of attracting a solid customer base. One of the most popular marketing tactics in the industry is going down the affiliate marketing route. This is where affiliates market your casino on your behalf and receive a fee based on how many customers they can attract to your casino.

How this fee is arranged varies considerably. Some pay american casino guide pdf fee per new customer, but the general arrangement is a percentage of what revenue the new customer generates.

These percentages can be quite high. Affiliates use a variety of techniques to obtain new customers for setup an online casino casino. The majority of them will employ a website and domain of their own that they use European roulette play online techniques and other marketing solutions to promote. Using trackable ads and links, these sites then direct the customers to your site.

The best affiliates are usually experienced players who understand the market, but you can also use specialty affiliate websites to recruit, or even attend conferences and recruit gambling aficionados that way. Aside from the affiliate system, you will also need to market the casino yourself, via SEO, SEM and other setup an online casino marketing techniques.

This can be done in-house or via specialist companies that will promote your site for you. Setup an online casino all this sounds far too expensive and involved, and for many it will be, you are probably wondering if please click for source are any alternatives. The first is the so-called white label casino option. In this instance, the casino provider covers all aspects of the infrastructure, including licenses, software, payment processing and so on.

You simply pay them a fee for the casino itself and then an ongoing percentage of the profits. This is a great way to dip your toe into the online casino world, and is considerably cheaper than any other option out there.

Another alternative is running a BitCoin casino as these are not currently required to be licensed, though this is likely to change. Setting up an online casino is far more involved than many think, and the level of cost can be frightening. However, for well-run, successful casinos the profits on offer more than justify the costs. For some people, the affiliate route continue reading be the one to go down.

For others, going down the white label route will represent a happy medium. We hope this article has pointed you in the right direction and given you some valuable resources you can lean on to make the right long-term decision.

Introduction With the world of online gambling generating billions of dollars every year, there are some obvious attractions to starting your own online casino. Try the Best Online Casinos. Payment Methods The next decision you face concerns payment infrastructure. Licensing For legal reasons, your casino needs to be licensed. When it comes to making your decision, there are two general approaches you can take: A rules based approach: This leads to a lower entry outlaw but higher running costs.

A principles based setup an online casino This results in lowered day-to-day running costs at the expense of higher startup costs. Alternatives If all this sounds far too expensive and setup an online casino, and for many it will be, you are probably wondering if there are any alternatives. Conclusion Setting up an online casino is far more involved than many think, and the level of cost can be frightening.

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