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Despite the attempts of Gala read article Paddy Power this has not been successful so far. At a glance, the core niagara casino for this seems to be disconnect between the Facebook user base and real money gamers. However, this is real money casino facebook truly the case.

Social media and Facebook in particular play a major role in the marketing real money casino facebook of gambling companies.

Every weekend there are Facebook ads promoting price boosts and casino offers for site outside of the Facebook ecosystem. Facebook should forget about becoming a gambling platform and follow the likes of Oddschecker by offering easy ways to assess the offering of other providers and place bets on other sites through a universal login. Facebook can be hugely successful doing this. However, they must abandon the model of using facebook as the platform.

Facebook can be a major player in KYC verification. It can also play a more substantial role in the CRM activities of gambling companies. The company just has to add to this offering and provide meaningful value to both Facebook user and gambling company.

However, you must wonder if they check this out a little late in the game. We have learned so far that social gamers do not become real money gamers at the rate to make significant extra revenues.

The company are also developing a real money casino product that may be launched by the end of the year. The social gaming real money casino facebook may actually damage any real money brand Atari subsequently create.

Failure translating social gaming to real money gaming comes from a a naivety on the online gambling canada of executives with a small amount of real money gaming experience. Social gamers and real money gamers are a different customer segment. Atari could be real money casino facebook major real money casino facebook if it executes a real money offering correctly. However, it will only work if it uses a model similar used by established providers like Playtech, Microgaming, Net Ent etc.

Facebook can generate revenue from rev share deals similar to a typical affiliate. However, they would control the all-important KYC data that will allow punters to seamlessly create accounts with multiple bookmakers.

The biggest being one log in and sign up form for all bookmakers on the app. Facebook could integrate a wallet on the app where the punter would deposit into Facebook and then the real money casino facebook to cover bets placed transferred to the bookmaker.

In essence, the app would be a new betting platform. By offering a different value proposition to punters Facebook may become the betting platform of choice for a key demographic of bettors. Regulatory issues must be addressed. However, going down the established affiliate path and then adding a cherry on top, may well prove successful for Facebook in the not too distant future. It would be interesting to see the percentage of posts that relate to matches over a given weekend. If the overall figure is anything like my newsfeed football related banter will be the largest category by far.

How do they make the triumphant punter share their activity? Currently 2, Facebook users are part of the initial trial of the real money gambling app on Facebook. We will know more when the app opens up in real money casino facebook coming months. Live betting could be a major component in the Paddy Power sports betting Facebook app. As we all know, Real money casino facebook and football banter go hand in hand. Add to this real money live betting during games and you could have the perfect storm for social acquisition.

However, if it eats into Paddy Powers real money casino facebook too much other companies may not focus on social betting.

There are many different factors that will determine the success of the app such as the quality of promotions, usability, additional bonuses etc. Will Paddy Power view this as an acquisition tool for new customers who are currently not regular online punters In effect, app users would be cross sold to Paddypower. It will depend on the deal with Facebook. Boylesports is on to a winner here. However, in future, if they roll this product out on Facebook they may see an influx of new customers who will place a large percentage of their horse racing bets through the app.

As we all know by now, Paddy Power will be the first betting company to take real money sports bets on Facebook. They are industry leaders in the field of Social media which puts them in good stead to make the app a success.

Betfair, Unibet and Ladbrokes with their new real money casino facebook design have realised that innovation in terms of usability and new features is what keeps the good punters happy. A similar interface on a Facebook app would surely go down a treat. Paddy Power has an opportunity to make sports betting work on Facebook. The key is to merge their social expertise with an exceptional user experience.

However, it remains to be seen if the Facebook app is just a step in the acquisition funnel for paddypower. From the name of the app it seems that Paddy Power will design it specifically to be optimised for user behaviour on Facebook. If they do this, then they may become dominant in the live betting and in play industry segments. As online social games start to resemble traditional console games a new era of competitive real money gaming could be on the horizon.

There are several technological and socio-economic reasons for this. The value rollover deposit and bonus the player differs depending on the type of gamer they are. Given the fact that many young men are current jobless, real money gaming could be an avenue for getting additional revenue.

However, because tournaments will be skill based the gamers that can spend hours honing their skills, should have the best chance of cashing.

So why would somebody enter a tournament despite the fact that there are better gamers that will more than likely eliminate them before they reach the cash positions? Well, this is where social competitive gaming differs from online poker. The challenge of playing in a tournament with players who play at a high level makes the cost of entry worth it, even though there may be zero monetary reward. Only being beaten by a single goal by a top player is a significant achievement.

Your FPS team consisting of your mates just losing out on that quarter final place to a seasoned pro team is something to tweet about. Real money competitive gaming will improve the standard of play and ultimately offer a better gaming experience for all. Understanding why each player class plays real money tournaments is the key to monetizing social games. Ultimately, social gaming is likely to evolve into real money tournaments that are a combination of traditional console play, real money casino facebook games, coin-ops and online poker.

Advances in browser based gaming could change the business model of the entire gaming industry. New Facebook game Ballistic represents a see real money casino facebook in this respect. The game developed by Brazilian company Aquiris could well usher in a new dawn of competitive FPS gaming.

Real money casino facebook in beta in Brazil the first person shooter is starting to generate interest from Facebook users worldwide. I believe that the potential for real money competitive gaming on the social network combined with the likely success of games like Baistictic, points to a paradigm shift in gaming.

Right now Virgin Gaming in partnership with EA facilitates real money competitive gaming on mostly sports titles. However, if browser based games can improve the gaming experience while offering multiplayer without any lag issues, then there is a real possibility that the majority of FPS and sports games may be monetized by real money tournaments and real money casino facebook to head games.

Games will be made available for free while real money tournaments based on the online poker model will generate revenue for the game studios. This will change the development cycle of games and I believe will be good for real money casino facebook who can go to market with greater speed.

Obviously, only certain genres of games can apply the rake based model of online poker. However, we may well see an entire ecosystem build up around online real money gaming tournaments. The success of Ballistic will be a good indicator if browser based games can challenge traditional console gaming. It this proves to be the case, then the opportunity is there to monetize using a rake based model on online real money tournaments.

We all know how important CRM is in the gaming space. This is more so the case for gaming sites that target the more casual player. Facebook offers targeting based on emails from you customer database.

This allows you to use your own real money casino facebook insights and categories VIP levels to target ads on Facebook. In theory, you can target re-activation offers based on Visit web page level or any other player category you wish.

However, like all advertising you have to pay. A lot of marketers are sceptical about the ROI of such activity. Costing Facebook Custom Audiences in comparison to traditional emails or even SMS and phone calls is only half the picture. What is needed, is to determine the hold generated by every pound of additional advertising. Real money casino facebook you know, the quality of your database and customer segmentation will have a bearing in how successful Facebook Custom Audiences can be in the real money gaming space.

It may well be that only a certain player category delivers an acceptable ROI using Custom Audiences. It read article to be seen how the industry as a whole adopts custom audiences as a key component in their marketing mix. However, the early signs are there that it may well offer online casinos a worthwhile cross selling and re-activation platform.

Atari may be successful if they only focus on either social or real money but not both. Tuesday Feb 11, After the dust has settled from LAC its worth looking at what some would consider the obvious. Banter is king when it comes to Facebook and the Premier League. The potential is there for Paddy Power to get a real money casino facebook lead in the social betting space.

Custom Audience also offers significant cross sell opportunities. Custom Audiences for Real Money Gaming.

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